“Boating Season Bliss”

Greetings boat lovers!

Summer is in full swing, and the sun seems to beat down a little more intensely than the day before, leaving us frantic for ways to keep cool. Typically, this involves seeking refuge indoors for weeks on end. But let’s be honest, the great indoors aren’t so great. So for all you summertime hermits out there, it’s our duty to inform you that its boating season and you’re missing out!

Boating Season is a very special time of year when we are all transformed into the most fun-loving versions of ourselves. It can elevate you to another world where you are no longer a land-dwelling creature of habit but an adventurous, nature worshiping free-spirit. Suddenly you are a water sport champion, marine life specialist, and total fishing god.

You are a Pirate, Parrothead and all around Boss of the Seas.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself channeling the almighty power of Poseidon himself (or whatever mythological deity of your liking), riding out to conquer a little piece of ocean to call you own for the day.

Its a complete state-of-being where work deadlines suddenly seem meaningless, lazy days in front of the TV seem fruitless, and the phrase “It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere” never made more sense.

If you have yet to experience Boating Season bliss, patiently wait for the moment you catch a cool, salty breeze off the water or begin joyously humming the nostalgic tunes of Jimmy Buffet. Then smile and allow Boating Season euphoria to take over you.

So as Summer continues her fiery wrath, we encourage you to put an end to your self-imposed, air-conditioned solitude and brave the great outdoors (with sunscreen, of course) After all, an afternoon ocean dip really is the most joyous way to stay cool during these unrelenting Summer months. (And if the sudden urge for a new yacht, exotic charter, or weekend rendezvous comes over you- we hope you call on us for any and all your boating needs!) 🙂

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