“The Galapagos: An Ecological Enigma”

Greetings everyone!

Been feeling extra adventurous lately? Want to go somewhere unusual? Somewhere no one can “one-up” you and somewhere you can “one-up” everyone else (which inevitably happens in every where-have-you-been travel conversation) I have two words for you: Galapagos Islands. Actually traveling to these mysterious islands seems outlandish, expensive, time-consuming and downright crazy.

Okay, enough excuses. Let’s discuss all the reasons you should go and here’s a little bit of background to get you excited for your trip:

The Galapagos Islands are 13 major islands located about 1000 km of the coast of Ecuador that are best described as one of the most unique, scientifically important, and biologically outstanding places on Earth. Compliments of Charles Darwin, they are responsible for changing the way we look at our planet.

The convergence of three major oceanic currents brought an incredible mix of marine life to the Galapagos from different regions of the world.


Some of the rarest species on our planet thrive, such as the giant Pinta Island tortoise, the Marine Iguana and the fur sea lions. Under water lives a world rich with tropical fish, corals, sharks, eels, rays, dolphins and more. In 1978 UNESCO designated the Galapagos as the very first World Heritage Site. And to ensure the wildlife are treated with the utmost respect, the Galapagos National Park Service is the main government authority of the islands.

Over a century after the Theory of Evolution was founded, fascination with the Galapagos lives on as travelers from all over the world congregate to experience this ecological enigma personally. And most describe their time in the islands as a life-changing experience.

Check out the following videos for INCREDIBLE footage of the Galapagos’ history, landscape and unusual inhabitants, compliments of BBC. Enjoy!

The Galapagos Islands are blessed with great weather year round. There really is no “better” time.

Now this is the part where you quit your job, sell your house, grab your life savings, abandon all responsibility and hit the Galapagos.

You’re welcome.

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