“Into the Alaskan Wild- Fishing Trip to Elfin Cove”

Recently SYS founder Doug Mashke went to fishing deep into the beautiful, glacial waters of Alaska:

“We left from Juno, Alaska on a float plane to a remote camp called Elfin Cove. This small Island had a few docks with some fishing boats that left every morning and returned with their catch, which was taken to the market for cash.

We fished every day from 8am – 5pm. The boat would take us into the deep waters of the Pacific (about 300 ft of water), where we would trawl for Salmon in the morning hours. We usually hit our limit within that time. Later in the day we focused on bottom fishing for larger fish such as Yellow Eye and Ling Cod.

We soon discovered they have strict regulations on the size of the catch, so they do not over-fish the area. We were required to record every catch and sign a log.

For me this was the trip of a lifetime, taking me to many uncharted areas where life seemed to stand still and a place where man has not spoiled it with commercialization”– Doug Mashke

Our Jet to Juno, Alaska.

Float Plane to Elfin Cove.

The Elfin Cove fishing lodge

The first Coho.

Yellow Eye

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