The Mystery of the “Mary Celeste”

Greetings & Happy Halloween!

In honor of this ominous day we bring you the story of the “Mary Celeste”. A ship with a dark and spooky past…

On December 5, 1872 the “Mary Celeste” was found in near-perfect condition, drifting in Strait of Gibraltar. All cargo and personal belongings of the passengers were all on board. Everything remained intact, except, very strangely, no passenger could be found. The captain, his wife and daughter, and the 7 crewmen on board had disappeared.


Captain Benjamin Briggs            “Mary Celeste” as she was found abandoned

The passengers were never seen again by their loved ones. Their fate has been the subject of much speculation. Theories range from alcoholic fumes, to underwater earthquakes, to waterspouts, to paranormal explanations involving extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects (UFOs), sea monsters, and the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle, although the Mary Celeste is not known to have sailed through the Bermuda Triangle area.

Over the next 13 years the “Mary Celeste” changed hands 17 times, with several tragic deaths involving her captain and crew members.

The entire history of the “Mary Celeste” is strange and eerie, but the disappearance of her captain and crew aboard that fatal crossing on Dec. 5 1872  is by far the darkest. This day marks one of the greatest maritime mysteries of all time.

What do you think happened to the passengers of the “Mary Celeste”?


To Live Aboard or Not to Live Aboard?

Have you been considering turning your weekend toy into a permanent living space? If you have a boat, or are looking to buy one, and are unsure about taking the plunge, we suggest learning from your fellow boaters. There are many resources on the web and in print that may help you answer the Big Questions, such as: Do you want a power or sailing vessel? How much space can you live within comfortably? Do you want to travel or remain stationary? What type of boat is right for you given these parameters? Etc.

That’s where Mark Nicholas comes in. Over the years Mark has experienced all the limitations and advantages of living aboard a boat and has dedicated himself to informing those who are stuck in deliberation process. A few years ago Mark decided to fashion his advice into a book called “The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat”. This book is a great tool which, among other subjects, explains how to:

  • Figure out your needs
  • Choose the right boat
  • Buy your boat
  • Choose the right marina
  • Prepare for the lifestyle
  • Outfit your boat
  • Plan for all climates
  • Forecast your costs

Blogs are another great resource. They contain journal entries, videos and photos which can offer valuable insight.

Here are some great blogs we recommend:
Sleeping with Oars: Living on a 47 foot Hans Christian Traditional
We Live On a Boat
Toast Floats
Living On A Boat: One Woman’s Transition to Living Onboard A Boat

Also check out Living Aboard Magazine, a “reader written” magazine which shows how liveaboards do it on sailboats, motorboats, houseboats, trawlers and more.

So now it’s all up to you, to live aboard or not to live aboard? In the meantime, here are a couple videos reflecting life as a live aboard. Enjoy!

Teresa and her cat Dory share a glimpse into their life aboard the Nor’sea 27, “Daphne