Update on Laura Dekker’s Solo Circumnavigation

A few months ago, when this blog was in its infancy, we brought you the story: “Teen Sailor to Become Youngest World Circumnavigator in History” about 16-year-old Laura Dekker, a bold and impassioned dutch teen that, as the title suggests, aspired to be the youngest solo circumnagivator in history.

When we brought you the story back in September, Laura had just arrived in Darwin, Aus aboard her 38′ Jeanneau Ginfizz ketch named “Guppy“, and time was not on her side. She had some crucial decisions to make on just how to finish in time to call herself the record holder.

Picture: AFP, Source: AFP

Four months later, we’re happy to announce Laura did it! Two days ago she officially completed her solo circumnavigation when she sailed into the harbor of St. Maartin in the Caribbean.  After leaving the island of St. Maartin nearly a year before, she returned having beaten the previous record by about 8 months.

“I can’t really take in what I’ve done. Sometimes I’ve asked myself what I was doing. The sailing was always nice … I often saw dolphins. I enjoyed it a lot and I’m very happy” -Laura announced to a crowd of 400 spectators, just minutes after landing in the harbor and reuniting with her family.

BBC covered her arrived into the harbor, check it out.

Congrats Laura!

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