2012 American Superyacht Forum

Between 21-23 May, 180 industry professionals involved in the superyacht industry gathered in the home of the American marine industry, Fort Lauderdale, for the 10th anniversary of the American Superyacht Forum.  This important meeting culminated in leading discussion from expert speakers, audience debate, technical innovations and a gathering of valuable contacts over three days of social networking events.  Attending and representing Sarasota Yacht & Ship and the Florida Yacht Brokers Association was Senior Partner, Gary Smith.  The forum focused on the state of the American Industry concentrating on domestic potential, governmental regulations and goals, as well as a more technical aspects and innovations.

“The event gathered a who’s who in our industry… it was great to hear the varying ideas that were presented.  My goal when I attended was to offer as much insight as possible while at the same time learning what is working and what is not within our industry.  Our industry looks very bright for the future as many new projects are coming back to the US,”  said Gary.

The two day summit cultivated with a session on using the lessons learned in the USA to build a better business model.  SYS will continue to stay on the cutting edge of the information and technology that is available to us.









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